A comprehensive information source for evaluating cross-border risks and opportunities around the globe.

Dun & Bradstreet's Country Insight Group (CIG) solutions deliver country and region-specific insight and data-driven analysis, helping businesses in various industries and sectors globally minimise current risks. Our solutions allow you to identify emerging challenges and explore opportunities for market expansion and longer-term investment. CIG’s analysis covers economies accounting for 99% of global GDP. 

Our 14 unique, multi-dimensional risk scores are used by risk professionals such as chief officers in finance, credit, analytics, procurement, operations and marketing for key business activities and functions; including credit management for local and cross-border transactions, supply chain management, and compliance. 


Sample Country Insight Snapshot reports:

Select the button links to view sample Country Insight Snapshot Reports, covering trading terms, payment delays, plus risk analysis on four key dimensions: Credit, Supply, Market and Political Environments - these are distilled from the more detailed Dun & Bradstreet Country Insight Reports. CISs are ideal when you need information just once, on one country or when you need to monitor developments over several months.             


President Bolsonaro’s claim that electronic voting is vulnerable to fraud heightens concerns that the October presidential election results will be bitterly disputed, leading to increased political risk.


Taxes on various goods and services - including certain export goods - along with windfall profit tax on crude oil producers, are likely to impact corporate earnings and dent confidence.


We have downgraded the short-term economic outlook due to a fall in both business and consumer confidence because of the adverse impacts of the war in Ukraine.


Product Solutions:

D&B Country Insight Services - a comprehensive information source for evaluating cross-border risks and opportunities around the globe.

Country Insight Report These 40+-page reports provide in-depth credit, supply, commercial and political data and analysis for evaluating the changing commercial environment in overseas markets, enabling effective risk mitigation and strategic decision making. Adobe pdf document
Country Insight Snapshot These 9-page reports provide concise analysis on the risks of doing business in a country. Data includes a Country Risk Indicator, a guide to payment terms and delays, key economic indicators with forecasts and an overview of the latest developments across 4 key factors. Adobe pdf document

International Customer Insight (ICI)

To complement our country-specific analysis, we present the ICI: Special Reports to keep you informed with the most up-to-date information so you can make all your business decisions with confidence.

Report Global Risk Matrix Quarter 1 2016 Adobe pdf document

D&B Country Insight Special Briefing Reports:
The Country Insight team publishes a wide range of materials each month to keep business decision makers fully informed in an ever-changing world. These include White Papers, Focus Pieces and in-depth analysis. You can view our latest articles via the links below: