A comprehensive information source for evaluating cross-border risks and opportunities around the globe.

Any firm or individual who conducts cross-border transactions is exposed to macro market risk: the risk associated with a country's overall political, economic and commercial performance. Whether you are involved in foreign trade, direct investment or supply chain management, D&B Country Insight products allow you to evaluate country risk and opportunities

These regional or global subscription services contain a combination of monitoring and in-depth reports and are supplemented with regularly updated headline e-Alerts and archived briefing documents on a range of topics of interest to international business.


Sample Country Insight Snapshot reports:

Select the button links to view sample Country Insight Snapshot Reports, covering trading terms, payment delays, exchange rates, economic indicators plus political, economic and commercial risk analysis on the selected countries.


The US dollar and other hard currencies are now legal tender.


Dun & Bradstreet downgrades Israel's country risk rating due to multiple political factors.


Political and security threats are still putting pressure on the country's risk rating.

Product Solutions:

D&B Country Insight Services - a comprehensive information source for evaluating cross-border risks and opportunities around the globe.

Country Insight Report These 40+-page reports provide in-depth credit, supply, commercial and political data and analysis for evaluating the changing commercial environment in overseas markets, enabling effective risk mitigation and strategic decision making. Adobe pdf document
Country Insight Snapshot These 9-page reports provide concise analysis on the risks of doing business in a country. Data includes a Country Risk Indicator, a guide to payment terms and delays, key economic indicators with forecasts and an overview of the latest developments across 4 key factors. Adobe pdf document

International Customer Insight (ICI)

To complement our country-specific analysis, we present the ICI: Special Reports to keep you informed with the most up-to-date information so you can make all your business decisions with confidence.

Report Global Risk Matrix Quarter 1 2016 Adobe pdf document
D&B Country Insight Special Briefing Reports: