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Exporters' Encyclopaedia® is the reference solution of choice for global business professionals and can help you gain insight into the trading environment of more than 195 world markets so you can decide where to safely and profitably do business.

The Export Decision

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started
  3. Finding your Target Market
  4. Executing the Transaction
  5. Checklist of Documents used in International Trade
  6. Samples of Export Documents
  7. Glossary

Export Markets

  1. Regional Maps & Flags of the World
  2. Export Markets (see side Nav Bar)

Export Know-How

  1. General Export Information
  2. Export & Shipping Practice
Communications Data 
  1. Radio & Cable Summaries 
  2. Fax
  3. International Mail
  4. U.S. Territories / Selected Postal Data 
  5. International Postal Service Chart
  6. Time Zone Map

Information Sources / Services 

  1. Government Assistance to Exporters
  2. Associations Fostering Trade 
  3. World Trade Centers 
  4. Treaty & Multinational Organizations 
  5. Abbreviations for International Organizations 

Transportation Data 

  1. United States Ports 
  2. U.S. Foreign Trade Zones 
  3. U.S. Customs Service Points of Entry