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Any business or individual who conducts cross-border transactions is exposed to country risk: the risk associated with a country's overall political, economic and commercial performance. Whether you are involved in foreign trade, direct investment or portfolio management, D&B Country Insight Group (CIG) solutions allow you to evaluate country risk.

Product information & samples:

  1. D&B Country Insight Snapshot reports
  2. D&B Country Insight Reports
  3. Country Insight Group (CIG) for the Internet

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D&B Country Insight Snapshots

Help your business grow and thrive with the Dun & Bradstreet Country Insight Snapshots (CISs) which provide concise country-level intelligence and actionable insights into cross-border and country -specific risks and opportunities. CISs are the quick and effective way to monitor developments in your chosen market. These reports provide four key dimensions: Credit, Supply, Market and Political Environments - these are distilled from the more detailed D&B Country Insight Reports.

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D&B Country Insight Reports

Providing critical information and analysis on the trade and investment environment of an individual country.   D&B Country Insight Report offers approximately 20 pages of in-depth analysis based on 14 unique, multi-dimensional risk scores for evaluating risks and opportunities world-wide. These detailed reports, are available for over 132 countries. 

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Country Insight Group (CIG) for the Internet

D&B Country Insight Group (CIG) for the Internet delivers comprehensive information for evaluating risk and opportunities around the globe. The suite of subscription-based services contain a combination of monitoring (D&B Country Insight Snapshot reports) and in-depth reports (D&B Country Insight Reports) along with archived briefing documents on a range of topics of interest to international business.

The suite of subscription products available from Country Insight Services is explained in more detail below:

International Risk & Payment Review

Contains a collection of over 130 D&B Country Insight Snapshot reports broken down into regional zones and is researched and written by D&B's international business analysts from information supplied by D&B's global network of reporting countries. This information is supplemented by additional regional archive information and is updated on a monthly basis.

Regional & Global Collections

Contains 6 regional and 1 global collection of in-depth D&B Country Insight Reports supplemented by D&B Country Insight Snapshots to provide comprehensive intelligence to facilitate doing business in a foreign markets.

The regional collections have the following coverage:

Region Country Coverage
Africa 26
Middle East 14
Asia Pacific 23
East Europe 25
Americas 23
West Europe 21
Global 132

This information is supplemented by additional regional archive information and is updated on a monthly basis.

Note: The information contained in the above sample reports is time-critical. We strongly suggest that before you make credit or risk assessment decisions, you seek up-to-date information. Click here to request further information.

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